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Posted on 13 September 2015

The launch of C R A Z E online has been a long time coming. In the works for 9 years, really. Almost a decade. As I sit writing my very first blog ever, it should be noted that today I’ve also roasted a beautifully-dressed, local and organically raised chicken for 3 hours. Only… I forgot to turn the oven on. So. Things come up and deadlines get pushed back. Such is life.

But through the ebbs and tides of our lives, I’ve been beyond fortunate to meet (and become friends with) my Craze customer. You are so beyond wonderful and you’ve become family. Speaking of family, throughout the approximate 14 minutes I’ve been “writing,“ I’ve got one eye on a monitor and humoring my two-year-old (oldest of two toddlers), by looking at non-existent "owies" and discussing the donkeys he will see on Tuesday. Every Tuesday.

Now is the time to shout out to the fantastic web designer and marketing consultant, Chris of Keyhole Promotion. Dan (my husband) and I tried to tackle this website goal years ago. The conversation ended in 4 minutes with an agreement that we would be outsourcing.

Thank you for your patience with C R A Z E and with me as we figure out how to have an online presence and how to meet the needs of our customers. Your consistent support, feedback and referral is what keeps us going. Thank you.

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