189 S Hancock St, Pentwater, MI 49449


Apparel + Accessories + Home

CRAZE is a shop for daring, strong, and confident women of all ages.

CRAZE prides itself by consistently offering a carefully edited selection of high-quality and affordable options for your closet and home. This shop is located in the three level historic brick building in the heart of beautiful downtown Pentwater, Michigan. It is our hope that CRAZE fashion and home inspires creativity and empowerment in our customer and celebrates individual style.

Our valued customers will find that at CRAZE we are ready to assist as personal shoppers and willing to personally style your space and your closet. We are happy to merchandise ensembles for your upcoming occasions and ensure that you leave with the very best pieces that accommodate your fashion needs.

CRAZE is also available After Hours for private VIP shopping and special events. 

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